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Popcorn is such a natural winner for fundraising drives. For years, the fundraising industry had been monopolized by hyper-chemicalized and over-preserved sugary and salty treats that in more recent times have fallen under greater scrutiny for their unhealthy benefits.

(Queue the popcorn)!

There are so many reasons why popcorn continues to make the grade for being a favorite way to fundraise, including the fact that it’s whole grain, low-calorie, naturally gluten and allergen-free. But another great reason popcorn remains at the top of the list for preferred fundraisers is because it just tastes so good!

This is especially true for Good Trouble Gourmet where we craft popcorn and other fine snacks that not only taste delicious but are also healthier for you because of the premium ingredients we use.

Our founder’s standard was set from the beginning: If she wouldn’t feed it to her children, she wouldn’t feed it to her customers. That has been a guiding principle that dictates our continued commitment to using only natural, whole food ingredients in every product we make. 

From real organic, vegetarian and/or vegan ingredients to our intentional decision not to add potentially harmful things like extra salt, sugar, heavy additives or preservatives, we’re convinced that people can truly taste the differences both big and small that set us apart from our competitors.

Nearly 5 years later, the one-of-a-kind flavors our brand has been known for continues to wow popcorn lovers around the world and makes Good Trouble Gourmet the new go-to fundraising platform for those who demand healthier options that don’t skimp on taste.

Thank you for choosing Good Trouble Gourmet to meet your fundraising needs. We’re so glad you chose us to be your partner and are committed to ensuring you achieve your funding goals.

Success pops here!

De J. and Team Good


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