Good Trouble Gourmet

About Us

We exist to financially empower underrepresented service organizations, teams and groups through culturally appropriate popcorn fundraising solutions tailored to meet their unique needs and goals.

Who are We?

We’re an all-digital snackfood fundraising company located in Austin, TX. We got our start when we invented Soul Food popcorn in 2016.

Today, we provide nationwide support to people with activities and causes that make GOOD TROUBLE:

The kind of people who are warriors for love, peace and happiness. The little guys who cheer and promote the uplifting of other little guys like themselves everywhere.

Yeah, those people. OUR PEOPLE.

We also make some really good popcorn.

How We Started

The birth of a popcorn dynasty (in the making)

It all began in 2016 when our founder, De J. Culbreath-Lozada, left her high-paying job in corporate America to start a food brand called SOUL POPPED GOURMET POPCORN that focused on unique Soul Food-inspired popcorn flavors.

Awards and Recognitions

Our founder perfected the craft of artisan popcorn making and began to grow a national following, collecting numerous accolades along the way.

Slow and Steady Growth

From humble beginnings at the largest Farmer's Market in Central Texas, De J.'s ability to customize flavors using healthy, better-for-you ingredients eventually made Soul Popped a nationally reknowned brand.

Retail Launch

De J. shied away from grocery retail because she didn't want to use harmful preservatives. So she opened her the first of three retail locations instead.

A Pivot to Good Trouble Gourmet

The community soon began approaching De J. about fundraising opportunities.

During the pandemic, she began laying the groundwork for a new fundraising initiative with an all-new branding and product line separate from Soul Popped. 

She chose to name it Good Trouble Gourmet in honor of the late African American luminary, The Honorable Congressman John D. Lewis, whose legacy continues to embody the principles of collective disruption for the greater good.

We are honored to serve our community for the greater good.

Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn (2016-Present)



    De J. Culbreath-Lozada


    African American-Owned/Operated




    Snack Food Innovator Award 2018
    Austin A-List 2019
    Tory Burch Fellowship 2020
    Les Dames d'Escoffier Inductee 2021
    Seneca Women Ambassador 2024

De J. Culbreath-Lozada,
Founder & Principal,
GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET All-Digital Fundraising

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