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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. While this list is not intended to be all-encompassing, it will answer general questions you may have about hosting your fundraiser with Good Trouble Gourmet. We will continue to add new questions to the list as we become aware of them. If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, please email for further assistance.

A. The GTG Fundraising Platform exists to support organizations and groups that are engaged in improving their lives in positive ways and/or the lives of others. This includes but is neither all encompassing of nor limited to most sororities and fraternities, schools, colleges and universities, religious organizations, social and civic groups, NGOs and nonprofits, special interest groups such as bands or debate teams, sports teams and/or leagues, etc.

Unlike other fundraising platforms, this may also include approved for-profits seeking to raise money to scale or to grow their businesses and/or offerings as well as specific causes with shared missions, visions, values and belief systems as GTG and our affiliates.

As a privately held business, we reserve the right to either accept or to refuse service to any individual group or organization we determine may or may not be a good fit for our platform.

The Good Trouble Gourmet all-digital fundraising platform currently offers the following programs, which may periodically change or be discontinued without notice. Please check with our team for updated policies and/or procedures prior to engaging in any fundraising activity on this site.

Non-Profits, NGOs, Schools, Churches, Sororities/FraternitiesStart-Ups, Businesses, CollectivesPolitical Activists, Education, Social Impact/Change Organizations
50% Commission on Sales40% Commission on SalesUp to 50% Commission on Sales
Flat Rate Shipping: $7.99Shipping & Fees Paid by SupporterShipping & Fees Paid by Supporter
Easy sign up, fast approvalEasy sign up, fast approvalOngoing donation campaign designed to support social causes
Start/Finish when you want Fundraise for up to 2 weeks at a timeCauses nominated by our partners and selected by GTG
Assign manangers and unlimited group membersMay assign up to 25 affiliate partners for raise100% Non-Seller Based
Popcorn ships at the END of fundraising periodPopcorn ships at the END of fundraising periodContinuous fulfillment
Sales are NontaxableSales are TaxableSales are Nontaxable

A. Each Host will have a dedicated and customizable webpage and unique web address for their All-Digital Fundraiser. A member of our Sales and Support Team will be available to assist in setting up and understanding the functions associated with your page, including the Data Dashboard which allows the Host to track sales and commissions and interact with their supporters in real time. Fund raisers may not alter the fundraising platform in any way not previously authorized by GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET.

A. Yes. We include these charges as a pass through fee during the checkout process to your supporter. The fee is usually no more than $1.oo but may be higher, depending on purchase amount based on the standard 2.9% + . $.30 credit card processing fee. The fee shows up in the shopping cart as well as on the receipt.

A. Unlike a DreamRaise, a CauseRaise is extended by invitation only to selected organizations we may periodically choose to offer up to 50% of proceeds on general sales. CauseRaises are not time-specific, and for now, may run the length of a sales quarter(3 months). CauseRaises have a dediated funding page specific where supporters may select to donate money and opt to receive select popcorn or other items as a thank you gift for their support. The cost of shipping and handling and any associated fees will be deducted from sales prior to donations.

A. Unlike a DreamRaise, a CauseRaise is extended by invitation only to selected organizations we may periodically choose to offer up to 50% of proceeds on general sales. CauseRaises are not time-specific, and for now, may run the length of a sales quarter(3 months). CauseRaises have a dediated funding page specific where supporters may select to donate money and opt to receive select popcorn or other items as a thank you gift for their support. The cost of shipping and handling and any associated fees will be deducted from sales prior to donations.

A. No. Fund raisers must use their legally-organized name and have at least one form of valid and verifiable additional contact information listed on their fundraising page. This can be either a logo, phone number, address, email or any combination thereof.

A. There are no upfront fees to apply to host a digital raise. Any group may apply but all must first be approved by authorized GTG personnel in order to begin a Raise with GTG. Fundraisers may be disabled at any time at the discretion of management. Typical reasons your fundraiser may be disabled is if you violate our Terms of Use Agreement or fail to act in good faith to properly execute your fundraise. If you wish to host a popup fundraiser known as a QuickRaise®, you must first purchase product at a special wholesale price. Then, you set your own price for the product and then keep the difference.

A. An All-Digital Fundraiser can begin on any day your organization desires and end the same way. They may also be extended with a written request should you desire.

A. All payments on the GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET Fundraising Platform must be paid and authorized through our dedicated payment gateways. No sales or commissions on sales will be honored from unauthorized sources.

A. The GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET FUNDRAISING PLATFORM is set up to accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Facebook. All payments are encrypted and secure and meet all applicable standards and rules governing payments accepted over the internet.

A. Some of the payment integrations are connected to a larger payment processor such as Google and Apple Pay and will not be displayed until time of checkout. That’s because each of the services must first authenticate each user’s eligibility to use customized payment options at time of service. As a third-party vendor, we do not have the capability to check eligibility and must rely on that check to be done on outside websites. If you are eligible, the option will be available to you during the checkout process.

A. Hosts will receive 50 percent of sales for fundraising with GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET minus any applicable charges and/or fees.

A. Popcorn freshness is dependent on many factors. As an all-natural popcorn company made with premium oils, our kernels will produce a softer kernel anyway. Additionally, since we use real-food ingredients and do not rely on preservatives, it will be even more important to avoid exposing your popcorn to air and moisture as much as possible. Our popcorn will last 2 weeks in its sealed package. After opening, the popcorn will start to lose its crunch and will take on a softer, chewy texture. That’s why we recommend for those who don’t plan on enjoying their popcorn in one sitting  with family and friends, to please consider choosing our snack pack instead which will allow you to eat less in one sitting and preserve the freshness in the other bags longer.

A. YES! If your popcorn starts to lose some of its crunch, you have a few options to restore some of its original crunch. If you have an air fryer, set it to 250 degrees Farenheit. Remove popcorn from packaging and place inside airfryer on a heat-safe baking sheet for approximately 2 minutes. Remove from heat, let cool and enjoy. If you do not have an air fryer, you can use a conventional oven by preheating it to 300 degrees Farenheit. Spreading your popcorn on a heat-safe baking sheet. Turn the oven off and place the popcorn inside the oven and allow to sit inside while the oven cools. Take out in about 3-4 minutes, let cool and enjoy!

A. All products manufactured by GTG are made with high-quality, premium real food ingredients that do not rely on harsh chemicals, additives, preservatives or artificial flavors to achieve taste. This makes GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET a healthier-for-you option to meet your family’s snacking needs.

A. Yes. Popcorn is naturally gluten-free and we do not use any ingredients that contain wheat (gluten).

A. Nutrition facts are available on each package according to accepted industry standards and may also be viewed online at

A. Fund Raise Hosts can track sales, calculate commissions and communicate directly with their customers through their dedicated online data dashboard. The Fundraise Captain and assigned Fundraise Managers will have access to this information 24/7.

A. Funds will be released by check or direct deposit if requested (a 3% service fee will apply) usually within 10-14 business days after all orders have been fulfilled. This means that your organization should have check in-hand no later than 30 days at the conclusion of your fundraiser to give us time to send out all orders, receive feedback from your supporters and to ensure everything has been successfully received. Once we have reconciled your accounts, a check will be mailed to the address of record (usually the address used to create your fundraise account. In some cases, it may take longer to process payment. We will communicate any mitigating circumstances that may affect your payout date as soon as possible and will make every effort to address those issues expeditiously to ensure timely resolution.

A. Fund Captains are the person/people responsible for coordinating the Fund Raise and serves as the official Point-of-Contact (POC) and liaison between their organization and GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET. Fund Captains will control their dashboard and assign capabilities to any allowed designees. They will be responsible for handling and resolving any issues that may arise in conjunction with the Fund Raise as well as for submitting and accepting payments and any fees associated with hosting their fundraising with GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET.

A. We typically allow ONE (1) Fund Raise Captain and one manager per every 20 active sellers participating in the Raise. If you require more appointees, please speak with your dedicated Sales and Support Team representative.

A. There are NO upfront fees or minimums associated with hosting an All-Digital Fundraise. Additional fees may apply most often under the following occurrences: a. If the Host opts for Direct Delivery, a program that ships product directly to their supports at the end of their raise, a flat rate Convenience Fee will be deducted based on each order BEFORE COMMISSION is assessed with a subsequent additional fee for each additional item purchased within that order; b. If the Host declines the Direct Delivery option and chooses to have the final product dropped shipped to them for delivery, a flat rate Bulk Shipment Fee of $125 will be assessed. Additionally, all orders will incur a 2.9% + $.30 charge for credit card processing that will be deducted before your commission is calculated.

A. Shipping costs are relatively expensive and continue to rise. These fees are assessed by 3rd-party providers like USPS, FedEx and UPS based on 1. weight 2. size 3. distance and 4. a combination of any or all of the former. While popcorn weighs little, it takes up a relatively large amount of space which requires shipping in larger packaging. The Convenience Fee is designed to help to begin to cover the real costs associated with shipping and handling of product. We address this fee by charging a flat rate fee of $9.99 to the supporter for shipping. This fee often does not cover the actual cost of shipping. In the event actual shipping fees are 10% or more higher than the difference of what is collected, we may opt to split that difference in fees with you, the fundraiser, for up to an additional 5% in the form of a convenience fee. You will be notified at the end of your raise should this occur along with a detailed expenditure report for said shipping fees. For example, if we collect $2,000 for shipping fees from supporters but actual shipping fees are $2,200 or higher, we may at our discretion assess your organization a convenience fee of not more than $110 (5% of $2,200 to help offset the additional costs). 

A. As explained above, shipping is expensive. We charge the customer a Flat Rate Fee of $9.99 to ship any amount of product purchased on the GTG Fundraising Platform to help offset the total cost associated with shipping and handling. This fee is well within accepted industry standards as it is typical for a single unit of popcorn to cost that amount or more to ship, depending on where it is being shipped. That price continues to rise as the weight and size of shipping package increases with each additional unit purchased for the same shipment, as our product weighs more than 1lb per bag, which is well above most of our competitors’ weight.  To account for these charges, we’ve built a portion of the cost into the Unit Cost. An additional portion is included in the Flate Rate Fee charged to the customer. An additional feemay be charged to you as a Convenience Fee assessed for shipping, the FundRaisers’, behalf, not to exceed 5% IF shipping exceeds 10% beyond what is actually collected overall. For larger orders, that fee may be higher and will be based on actual shipping cost as quoted for USPS. Any remaining cost, if applicable, may be borne by GTG and may vary by amount purchased, final weight, shipping size and distance. We will do everything in our power to ensure this cost is kept to a minimum. 

A. Yes and no Flat Rate Fee will be assessed to your supporters for their purchase. This option is currently only available for local fundraisers.

A. Taxes will be assessed based on Texas’ standard rate of .625 at the point of sale and deducted prior to pay out for all products sold on the GTG Fundraising Platform UNLESS the hosting organization is a federally recognized tax-exempt organization. In order to set up as tax-exempt, the organization must provide a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and be verified through the Internal Revenue Service prior to the start of their declared fundraise. Failure to either provide an accurate FEIN or if we cannot verify you through the IRS will require taxes to be collected and is nonrefundable.

A. Fulfillment on all orders won’t begin until the end of the fundraising cycle and may take on average up to 2-4 weeks to fulfill, depending on the size of the overall fundraise

A. It is typical throughout the Fundraising industry for fulfillment to begin at the end of a fundraising cycle. Doing so allows for a smoother overall end-of-cycle process by ensuring all orders are completed at the same time and fees and commissions are accurately tallied.

A. GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET offers supporters a return or replacement option for damaged or defective goods as long as the request is received via email to within 3 calendar days of delivery. Beyond that time, we cannot honor refund or replacement requests. Final decisions about if we honor the reasons behind the request is at the sole discretion of GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET.

A. Fund raisers are not allowed to solicit for any other products, services or activities not directly associated with their active fundraising campaign on the GTG DreamRaising Platform.

A. We 100% recommend and encourage our Hosts to make regular announcements to their constituents about their fund raise. However, Fund raisers must first seek and obtain permission from an authorized agent of GOOD TROUBLE GOURMET, LLC,  for use of our name, brand, image or likeness in conjunction with Communications, marketing, advertising or any other activity they may wish to engage in as it may relate to fundraising on this platform. Any violation may be grounds for early termination or temporary deactivation of your fundraising page and/or legal action for potential trademark infringement.

A. At this time, we cannot accommodate both Direct Ship AND Self Delivery because we do not have the capabilities to efficiently track dual sales, commissions and delivery channels. For this reason, we ask our Hosts to choose either but not both options.