Good Trouble Gourmet

We’ve Got A Race to Run

Good Trouble Gourmet is raising $1M to fund BIPOC manufacturers in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry and we need 50,000 supporters to do it.

Why This Matters

Currently there are approximately 83,000 BIPOC manufacturers in the U.S. Of that number, less than 2% receive funding from either investors or from lenders. That translates to less than 2% of these manufacturers who ever make it into Big Retailers like Target, Walmart or into grocery channels.

What Can We Do About It

The founder of Good Trouble Gourmet recently got the crazy idea to use our platform to create an independent Good Trouble Fund through a “Pop for Change Campaign” to help underrepresented manufacturers scale into retail.

What It Will Take

In order to reach our goal to raise $1M, we’ll need approximately 50,000 people nationwide to buy at least one unit of popcorn from our DreamRaise!

How It Will Work

A percentage of proceeds will be used to provide grants and/or  low-interest loans to BIPOC manufacturers across industries in CPG. A team of advisors will act as a committee to select borrowers who will then work with the advisors to maximize their chances for success.

Who Will Benefit

This fund will benefit manufacturers from communities of color who create high-quality products in various CPG industries.

What Our Customers Are Saying