Our Fundraising Program is Built to Help You Succeed

We’ve designed our Digital Fundraising Platform to take the pain out of fundraising. And what’s more, we give you access to a customizable data dashboard so you can know more about what’s working with your supporters and why as well as track all of your proceeds in real time to stay on top of your fundraising goals.


Earn avg $25K or more

  • Ideal for large groups and organizations
  • Keep up to 50% of proceeds
  • Dedicated Support Concierge
  • Data dashboard allows you to track sales in real time
  • Assign roles for staff
  • We can sort/ship on your behalf (S&H fees apply)


Earn avg $15K or more

  • Perfect for groups in internet-limited areas
  • 50% commission on sales
  • Requires in-person sales
  • Orders will arrive pre-sorted by seller for your convenience


Earn avg $5K or more

  • Perfect for 1-time events
  • Buy product in advance at exclusive wholesale price 
  • Charge what you like, keep the difference.
  • May require in-person sales
  • Ideal for small-sized groups

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